Singing, recording voice-overs, acting or presenting is what I love doing.

All round-performer, comedy actress, storyteller, chairwoman, host, personality, there are so many words for the variety of hats I wear. And boy do I love hats!

In one word: it’s Emmelie, with two m’s in the middle. Thanks to my Dutch mum and English dad who chose for this English phonetically written name. One of a kind it seems. I’m a mixture of Eastern European, English and Dutch blood. A complex melting pot which feels great, apart from not being able to speak six languages. But my Dutch and English are fluent.

If you’re from my generation and from Holland, you might recognize me from Dutch television series like Finals (BNN) or Juliana (EO). Or perhaps from my one-woman shows, or maybe just because of my enormous curly hair, which I often have to tame otherwise I look like an exploded sheep. Luckily, I’ve had the honor of playing with a variety of great musicians and creatives, with whom I’ve performed throughout Holland and in theatres.

Basically I love to express myself on stage, or in a microphone in the studio, dive into a character, or whilst singing songs that inspire me. Writing, telling stories or poems, entertaining and moving people pretty much sums it up. As long as I can be totally myself, and at times thoroughly shameless, if of course this is obviously suitable to the event and content.

During the last couple of years I’ve showcased some music programmes in which I performed in intimate settings at so called living room festivals. Sharing stories and songs, or presenting in front of a live audience gives me a feeling of connection.

By expressing myself on stage my aim is to connect with people and let them connect more with each other. Connection will make the world stronger and sharing our stories will bring us closer together. So let us become stronger and more vulnerable and dare to share our fears and biggest dreams.

Emmelie Zipson lives in Amstelveen with her three year old daughter. She is a working mum, in between moderating, recording, performing and teaching, she is currently writing and developing her new one-woman show, or maybe a book or series…let the adventure begin!

As I often look like a sheep (just the hair) please follow me on

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